Dry Riser Testing

C&K tested a dry riser system for The Z Hotel on behalf of Kane Heating Ltd.


In order to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and safeguard the wellbeing of their customers, Kane Heating Ltd. appointed C&K to perform inspection and testing services to a dry riser system in The Z Hotel in Glasgow.

Dry risers give Fire Service personnel quick access to a large quantity of pressurised water in order to effectively extinguish fires and must be visually inspected every 6 months and pressure tested annually.


C&K visually inspected the dry riser from the ground to top floor, carefully assessing the condition of the system. Dry risers are prone to be targets for vandalism, so every floor was thoroughly inspected to identify any maintenance or repair requirements.

The dry riser was then accurately tested by pumping water through the system. C&K monitored the pressure levels and visually checked for any leakages on each floor.


C&K completed the inspection and testing of the system to industry standard and produced a fully accurate and unbiased report for the client.

C&K then issued The Z Hotel with a certificate confirming that their system is compliant in accordance with BSEN 9990 2006 and was found to be in a satisfactory condition. Z Hotel are now safe in the knowledge that they meet fire safety regulations and can safeguard their customers and property from damage by having a fully functional dry riser system ready in case of emergency.


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