Dry Riser Safety

What are Dry Risers?

Many landlords, property owners and local authorities remain worryingly unaware of the importance which should be afforded to dry risers within residential and commercial properties. Dry risers are an integral component in a property’s fire protection safeguards. Our fire services and emergency personnel use dry risers to provide a reliable means of delivering sufficient quantities of water to prevent the spread of fire in large buildings.

Other fire-fighting equipment regularly utilised by our emergency services (such as fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems) are routinely audited due to the third-party accredited schemes which cover these. As a result, it is easier to ensure that safety standards for these systems are consistently met. However, as no similar third-party accreditation scheme applies to dry risers, it remains notably difficult to analyse the quality of their maintenance and calibration.


What Does This Mean?

Regardless of an individual’s knowledge or skill, anyone can claim to represent a dry riser testing organisation. Unfortunately, no accredited schemes have been implemented to ensure that the testing and maintenance of these vital systems are carried out in direct accordance with the current British Standard code of practice.

If a dry riser test has not been accurately carried out in accordance with BS 9990, there remains a possibility that the system may not operate effectively in the event of a fire, thereby unnecessarily putting lives at risk, as well as the building itself.


What Can You Do?

Dry Risers are often prone to vandalism within large properties as their valves may be left exposed and unattended. As an initial precaution, it is often beneficial to hide these outlet and inlet valves within locked cabinets or cupboards to ensure full functionality when required. Additionally, it’s crucial that access to the dry riser is not blocked – any delay can cost lives.

Our highly experienced team at Campbell & Kennedy are on hand to assist in the testing of dry risers in your commercial or domestic property. We are industry leaders in the installation, specification and design of dry risers. Additionally, we also provide annual hydraulic tests, biannual inspections and compliance certificates. If you require advice or further information on fire safety and the services which we offer, please call us on 0141 435 7774 or email commerical@campbellkennedy.co.uk.







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