Is your fire alarm fit for purpose? Advice for hoteliers and commercial property managers

Having a fire safety system installed that is fit for purpose is adequate at the time of installation, however, there will always be the need for human observation and intervention to ensure its continuous smooth running and optimum performance.

It is crucial that fire alarms are tested and maintained by a competent person, i.e. one who possesses the relevant current training, experience and capability to perform the task.

There are three main reasons for routine maintenance and testing:

  1. To identify any faults and take appropriate action to rectify them.
  2. To ensure that there have been no major failures of the system, either as a whole or in part.
  3. To familiarise occupants of the building with the fire alarm signal(s).

Changes in use and/or occupancy levels of a building can also have a detrimental effect on the protection offered by existing fire protection and fire alarm systems so these factors must also be taken into consideration during the inspection process.

Further information and guidance on inspecting and servicing are included in the British Standards Specification.

Campbell & Kennedy’s health and safety division provides IOSH accredited training and assessment in fire safety procedures. All work is carried out in line with the latest British Standards. With a national installation and maintenance infrastructure, we cover all aspects of the fire industry from design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, monitoring and training throughout the UK. For advice or further information on fire safety, please call us on 0141 435 7774 or email


Further reading:

British Standards



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