Rooftop PV arrays operation and maintenance best practices ensure optimal performance

When designing a PV system, it is important to give special consideration to how it will be installed and maintained. Dependable solar system performance grows from good design. When designing any solar array, it is crucial to look ahead and anticipate potential shading issues and provide adequate space for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. It is equally important to select components that will not deteriorate prematurely and place undue stress on the system or compromise it altogether.

Mistakes in the installation process can have long-term impacts on system performance. A good maintenance plan is necessary for system longevity. A solar system does not operate itself. Systems must be maintained if they are to provide sustained performance.

While some systems are designed for minimal intervention, at a minimum, their performance should be regularly checked for signs of degradation to mitigate future problems. Systems must be maintained if they are to provide sustained performance. If a system is not performing according to expectations, immediate investigation is required. Recommended maintenance action can help ensure continued system performance.

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