Working at Height – Key information for all employers

Last year alone there were 37,000 reported falls from height in the UK. Not only is this a poor reflection on a company in terms of training, but it can also be very costly through fines and sick pay. On average, after a fall from height a worker will take 9.4 days off to recover with employers, footing an annual bill of almost £3 million due to workplace injuries and work-related ill health.

Half of all working at height related fatalities (37 in total) occurred in the construction industry and almost half of them involved workers over the age of 55, but this age group only makes up about 20% of the work-force.

There are also other aspects to consider while working at height aside from falling, including:

  • things falling onto people below – instructing employees to be considerate of people below is pertinent
  • improperly constructed scaffolding – it is essential to ensure scaffolding is safely constructed by those who are qualified to do so
  • crush injuries – these are a common injury from a fall from height and can affect multiple parts of the body

Although there is risk of personal injury while working at height, it can be very safe, if the appropriate precautions are taken and all relevant legislation followed. To comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 employers must ensure that:

  • all work at height is properly planned and organised
  • those involved in work at height are competent
  • the risks from work at height are assessed, and appropriate work equipment is selected and used
  • the risks of working on or near fragile surfaces are properly managed
  • the equipment used for work at height is properly inspected and maintained

Campbell & Kennedy has been delivering certified health & safety training courses to both public and private sector organisations for over six years from their Headquarters, based in Clydebank. Due to increased demand, the company decided to invest in a new state-of -the-art facility which has a working at heights training facility available for hire. Campbell & Kennedy also provide a wide range of classroom-based courses including asbestos awareness, manual handling and confined space awareness.

To find out more about course availability or to book email or call 0141 435 7774.



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