Health and safety training – an invaluable investment for employers

It’s estimated that employers bear the annual cost of almost £2 million due to workplace injuries and work-related ill health. Health and safety compliance not only demonstrates your commitment to employee welfare and corporate social responsibility – it also helps to instil confidence in your customers and suppliers.

Compliance is one reason for investing in health and safety qualifications for your workforce. All types of organisations whether they be councils, charities, housing associations or private businesses have a public image to uphold and having staff that are qualified and competent goes a long way.

At Campbell & Kennedy, we’ve been delivering certified health & safety training courses to both public and private sector organisations for over six years.

Course are certified by bodies such as Qualsafe, SQA and Nuco Training and range from manual handling to first-aid courses to asbestos awareness courses.

We are definitely seeing an increase in the number of organisations investing in health & safety training and as a result, have opened a brand new state-of-the art training facility to accommodate demand. The workforce of today is unrecognisable from that of over 30 years ago, however, the industry continues to present new challenges, responsibilities and demands from organisations.

It is important to maintain a safety culture in our changing economy. This means employers taking their responsibilities seriously, getting staff to “buy into” this culture and managing risks properly.

Last year there were over half a million work related injuries and every year there are thousands of deaths linked to past exposures at work. These figures demonstrate that organisations are still leaving themselves open to breaching health and safety regulations in the UK.

To speak to our in-house Health & Safety Manager for advice on what’s required by your organisation, email



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