UK electrical industry suffering skills shortage

A recent report into skills recorded new figures highlighting the increasing skills shortages that the UK has experienced over the past few years and the electrical industry is one of the worst sectors affected.

The report discovered that the electrical, gas, water and construction industries were the most severely impacted by skills shortages with 2,100 skills shortages vacancies in 2015 and a 10% fall in the proportion of trained workers.

At Campbell & Kennedy, we are dedicated to training and developing the next generation and have taken on several apprentices and trainees over the course of our contracts. We also work with a number of bodies to generate opportunities for graduates and school leavers. We have provided several placements for students studying at local colleges to provide them with real business experience.

Lesley Giles, Deputy Director at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, said “With global competition intensifying, the UK urgently needs to boost its productivity. To do that, we need people with the right skills.”

In order to counteract the skills shortages currently impacting the electrical sector, the UK Government plans to introduce a new Apprenticeships Levy on employers in an attempt to increase not only the number of apprenticeships available but also the skill level in the industry. The legislation is set to be implemented following the Budget 2016 and once the increased number of apprentices complete their course, this should lead to improved skill level in the electrical industry.

Campbell & Kennedy is an experienced electrical contractor with fully qualified electrical engineers who are trained in line with the latest industry standards. C&K can manage full electrical contracts including fire alarms, door access, CCTV, emergency lighting, lighting controls, street lighting and disabled refuge systems.

For more information on our electrical contracting services, please email or call us on 0141 435 7774.

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