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C&K installed a Sky Shared Dish system for a leading Property Manager 


Speirs Gumley, one of the country’s leading property managers (factors), appointed Campbell & Kennedy (C&K) to carry out a Sky Shared Dish installation to enable residents easy access to Sky TV as part of their renovation project on their block of flats in Highburgh Road, Glasgow. Speirs Gumley wanted the system to prevent individual residents putting up their own satellite mini dishes and damaging the aesthetics of the building.


C&K’s fully qualified team designed, supplied and installed the single communal Sky Shared Dish to allow the eight apartments within the building access to Sky TV via a feed in cable.

The team also installed new Twin Core Sky+ cables to allow Sky+ features such as recording live TV while watching another channel. These were carefully installed to blend in with the existing fabric of the building and cause minimum disruption.


C&Ks team successfully completed the installation to the client’s requirements. This enabled the residents of Highbury road the option to subscribe to Sky in the most cost-effective and hassle-free way.

As the Sky signal comes from the one dish there is no need for inividual minidishes, allowing the client’s property to not have its image spoiled by a clutter of individual dishes populating the walls.

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