LED Lighting installed to large warehouses for Felixstowe Warehousing



Campbell & Kennedy (C&K) was chosen as the electrical contractor to install LED lighting for a refurbishment project at two large warehouses for Felixstowe Warehousing in Suffolk. The client wanted to improve the energy efficiency of the warehouses and reduce costs.

Felixstowe Warehousing is one of the UK’s leading providers of warehousing and storage services and sustainable, international freight handling solutions


Campbell & Kennedy stripped out the existing lighting systems and disposed of existing fluorescent lamps in accordance with WEEE guidelines. Our team then installed over 400 new luminaires in two phases as per the client’s specification.

All lighting circuits were rewired to suit the new layout and a new lighting control system was installed. We also installed new distribution boards and contactors as part of the project.


The warehouse buildings were able to continue operating during the project, meaning no loss of productivity, and the client was pleased with the end result. Following the installation, C&K’s team fully commissioned the installation and provided the client with operational and maintenance training. Detailed instructions were also given to enable maintenance staff to operate the new system.

Installing LED lighting could save Felixstowe Warehousing up to 65% on their energy bills and helps them to achieve their carbon reduction targets. We look forward to finding out how much this client has been able to save.

C&K’s experience in electrical contracting meant that we had a good understanding of the client’s requirements and had both the skills and attitude to deliver the project on time, on budget and to a high standard.


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