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C&K install SCS system for communal properties for Langside & Camphill residents


Langside and Camphill is a 25-block development not far from Hampden Park in Glasgow. The blocks were originally fitted with a single-feed, integrated reception system to give residents the option of Sky TV.

However, when Sky+ was introduced, the residents couldn’t take full advantage of the features Sky+ offered. This is because a singlefeed system wouldn’t let them watch one show and record another, or enjoy Sky products such as Sky Multiscreen. Residents approached their property manager, Speirs Gumley, to share their concerns.

Joe O’Hara from Speirs Gumley tells us: “ This was frustrating for them and there was a concern that some might put up their own mini dishes in order to get Sky, which would have affected the appearance of the properties.”

Installing a new dual-feed communal TV system from scratch is expensive and could cause disruptions. The challenge was to find an alternative that would deliver all the benefits of dual-feed technology and satisfy those residents who wanted Sky+.


The breakthrough came after Speirs Gumley met with Campbell & Kennedy, one of Sky’s specialist installers who suggested the new Single Cable Solution. It was a simple and affordable way to switch the blocks’ single-feed system to dual-feed. It’s a device which sits alongside the existing TV system and gives all residents the ability to enjoy the complete Sky experience.

 It’s the ideal solution because it gives residents exactly what they want with virtually no disruption or hassle. Also it came with a subsidy from Sky, so it was an extremely cost-effective option.  

Joe O’Hara, Speirs Gumley


A Single Cable Solution can be installed on a floor in an hour or two and Sky subscribers can then upgrade immediately. An engineer will call at a convenient time, and the conversion work usually takes around 15 minutes, with no drilling, cables or external wiring.

One of the first residents to upgrade to Sky+ was Maggie Crawford:

“ Previously I could only watch one Sky channel at a time. Now I can watch one while recording another, or even record two while watching an earlier recording.”

She was also pleased with how quick and easy it was to upgrade.

“ The engineer did something at the back of my Sky box and after about 10 or 15 minutes it was all finished.”



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