Extended DTV system


Hampden Park is Scotland’s national football stadium and is regularly used for music concerts and other sporting events. With a capacity of over 50,000, the Glasgow stadium was used as a venue for football matches during the 2012 Olympic Games and latterly the stadium underwent a transformation to accommodate track and field events for the Glasgow-hosted Commonwealth Games in 2014.


Campbell & Kennedy had previously installed an IKUSI COFDM Encoder system to deliver up to 32 source AV signals converted to Digital Terrestrial Television in a MATV head end distribution system and networked throughout the Hampden Park Stadium.

C&K were called back to address the new requirements for the Olympic Games.

We were required to draw up the existing network to ensure proper understanding of the overall network due to there being no existing single system diagram. From these new diagrams, we were able to determine how the system could be extended to meet the requirements for the 50 new tribune desks to be located in the stands and the additional 31 office locations for the press, the Olympic and Paralympic service office, sport presentation control, venue technology operations and events control.

The project required two engineering teams, one supervisor and one project manager. C&K were on site for 4-5 weeks. Security was exceptionally high during the Olympic Games and each member of our team who was working on the project had to go through numerous security checks. These checks included an advanced military check with military personnel scanning engineers and equipment on entry to the site. 

C&K utilised the IKUSI MAC 201 AV to COFDM Encoder, which was a first of this application in this quantity. C&K was required to use 16 each with 2 channel inputs equating to a channel matrix of up to 32 channels in total for the network via its sources.


C&K had previously upgraded the head end system at Digital Switch Over to supply multiple channels from multiple (32) AV and off air digital terrestrial services sources. This new head end complied with the new requirements that Hampden Park Ltd required for the Olympic Games. This negated the costs of a new head end.

C&K was on hand again in 2014 for the Commonwealth Games, where we were available in a standby capacity to support the TV distribution to monitor the system we installed previously and offer support if required. There were no remedial works required due to the high quality of the installation.


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