Sky Shared Dish Installation


C&K installed a Sky Shared Dish system for Property One


Property One, one of Northern Ireland’s leading block management agents, appointed C&K to install a Sky Shared Dish system to two blocks of 34 flats at St Johns Wharf, Belfast.

 We’ve been working with C&K now for quite some time and are more than happy with the service that we’ve received. C&K have helped with our TV system requirements for our properties and always provide a quality service. We hope to continue working with C&K as we have a good working relationship  

Alex Fleck, Property One

Unhappy with the proliferation of mini-dishes across the properties’ walls, which ruined the aesthetics of their properties, Property One decided to install a communal system to allow their residents access to digital TV services without the need for individual mini-dishes.


C&K surveyed the properties and devised a solution to install the Sky Shared Dish system, working around the unique location of the properties.

As the properties sat so closely to the waterfront, cherry-picker vehicles were unable to gain access to the properties’ exterior, meaning C&K’s engineers had to utilise their specialist working at height skills to proceed with the install. By working from residents’ balconies on harnesses, the team removed the mini-dishes and discreetly ran cables from the communal dishes using the building architectural features and downpipes to each flat, keeping them hidden from sight.

One of the blocks disrupted the line of sight to the Sky Shared Dish on the adjacent block, which would cause poor TV signal or a complete loss of service. Through careful measurement and testing, the C&K engineers remedied the issue by finding a suitable location for the dish, ensuring that each resident got a strong clear signal to their television.

Throughout the installation, C&K liaised with residents, keeping them informed on the status of the project and working around their needs to ensure that there was minimum disruption to their daily lives.


The installation was completed and commissioned on-time and on-spec, allowing residents to access Sky TV and Freesat services through a communal dish.

Mini-dishes that ruined the aesthetics of the building were successfully removed and both Property One and their residents were satisfied throughout and after the installation.


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