The 700MHz Clearance

Campbell & Kennedy are delighted to announce that we have been appointed by DMSL (Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited) to restore main channel services to all homes affected by the 700MHz clearances. This process of clearing the 700MHz band currently used for digital TV transmissions will come into effect in Scotland throughout August and September of 2018.


What does this mean?

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is the UK’s most popular TV platform, accessible to virtually all UK households. This DTT service is largely known for Freeview – a universally accessible service offering an extensive range of TV, radio and text-based services.

Due to a predicted increase in demand for mobile data, Ofcom have announced their intention to reallocate the airwaves currently utilised for Freeview, thereby clearing the 700MHz frequency band for the development of future mobile services.

Clearance of the 700MHz band began in 2017, with Ofcom announcing their intention to completely clear the spectrum for mobile use by 2020. The Freeview services currently using these frequencies will be moved to new UHF channels. As a result, transmitters across the UK will be updated as part of a major engineering programme.

The government are currently offering support to individual domestic properties, yet this has unfortunately not been extended to communal systems. As a result, the property manager must assume responsibility for any amendments or changes which need to be applied to a communal aerial system.


What can I do?

Campbell & Kennedy recommend carrying out a health check in order to determine whether disruption is likely to occur with the system you currently have in place. The vast majority of people will be able to simply retune their TV once the change comes into effect. However, Ofcom has indicated that between 140,000 to 270,000 homes may need to replace their aerial in order to continue receiving all available channels.

Ultimately, you should contact your factor or Housing Association if you’re experiencing issues with your communal aerial system. Campbell & Kennedy work with a multitude of councils and public bodies across a range of technological processes and are fully equipped to deal with the 700MHz clearance.

Further information regarding the clearance process can be found at


If you have any queries regarding these changes you can contact us on 0141 435 3409, or by email at



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