New building regulations improve building infrastructure

The Government is introducing new regulations to ensure that buildings are equipped with high-speed in-building infrastructure enabling copper, fibre-optic cables or wireless devices to be seamlessly installed.

The new building regulations “Approved Document R” comes into effect across England from 1st January 2017. The design of the in-building physical infrastructure should consider satellite and wireless technologies, where there is evidence that the required network speeds could be met.

These regulations mean that:


  • One antenna can be shared by residents, eliminating the need for individual satellite dishes
  • Housing Associations and property developers can save costs through enhanced technology
  • Infrastructure is ready for broadband to be set up

The new regulations will apply to both new build houses as well as other buildings such as offices. Buildings that are exempt include sheds, domestic greenhouses, garages and conservatories.

Installing Fibre To The Home networks is becoming increasingly popular with Housing Associations and new-build developers as the benefits of more sophisticated technology are enjoyed by the end user. 

Each property should have a suitable position for at least one network termination point. All suitable wiring should be provided to connect all network termination points to an appropriate access point.

The introduction of the new regulations will make it easier for Fibre To The Home networks to be installed and will make new homes more appealing to buyers.

As fully registered digital installers we can manage your satellite or aerial installation requirements.

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